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Stainless Steel and Aluminum Specialist

Our Company

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Inoxyr inc. is a company located in Quebec City and specialized in processing stainless steel and aluminum for equipment, supplies and custom furniture manufacturing.
We produce parts on request as well as all types of welded assemblies and perform the installation.
You can use inoxyr inc. for the following services:

    • Stainless steel or aluminum supplier
    • The manufacture of custom furniture
    • The assembly of welded parts
    • The creation of design or architectural piece
    • The maintenance or treatment of an existing equipment

Our mission

Inoxyr inc. makes it a point to meet its customers’ requirements. Each application is unique and requires specific technical solutions to offer. Impeccable build quality for specific areas such as the medical field, the food, architecture or industrial settings. But that applications are commercial or residential, Inoxyr inc. will commit to provide the best service at the best price.

Inoxyr inc. met un point d'honneur à répondre aux éxigences de ses clients. Chaque demande est unique et requiert de proposer des solutions techniques précises. Une qualité de fabrication irréprochable pour des domaines spécifiques comme le milieu médical, l'agro-alimentaire, l'architecture ou le milieu industriel. Mais que les demandes soient commerciales ou résidentielles, Inoxyr inc. s'engagera à offrir le meilleur service au meilleur prix. 


10ans engFounded in 2005, Inoxyr is located in the Beauport district of Quebec and offers its services throughout the province of Quebec. Our team consists of technical experts in the manufacturing field equipment using stainless steel and aluminum.
All the equipment design is done in our offices by our specialists. The machining, assembly, welding and finishing are made in our workshops in Quebec.