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10ansInoxyr inc. is at your service for the production of all your special projects in stainless steel or aluminum!
As a manufacturer of equipment and custom furniture in stainless steel and aluminum for the food sector, institutional, industrial and laboratory, we design high quality products at very competitive prices. Choosing Inoxyr inc. as a subcontractor for your products in stainless steel or aluminum is always a good option.
In addition, take a special care to all production steps from design to manufacturing and we deliver equipments, furniture and products that meet very high quality standards.

Machining Services

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From raw material of stainless steel or aluminum, we manufacture all types of welded parts in our workshops. Conception and design, cutting, machining, bending, punching, assembly and welding are common steps when creating furniture and professional equipment. We take great care to finished surfaces to respect our high quality standards.

Residential & Commercial

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For any design or architectural application, Inxoyr produces custom parts that perfectly match your interior. The same attention is applied to commercial achievements with stainless steel and aluminum. Just imagine the piece that would fit into your home and we 'll do the rest!

Production Gallery

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Discover different achievements made of stainless steel for the residential and industrial sector, our creations in aluminum and our welded parts assemblies. Whether for the medical, food , architecture or art, each piece is made in our workshops from sheet aluminum or stainless steel.


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